Bodegad OsborneFounded in 1772, is considered one of the 100 oldest active companies in the world and the second in Spain.
It was created by Thomas Osborne Mann, who settled in Cadiz at the end of the eighteenth century, constituting an export agency of sherry.




Its cellars stock more than 20,000 wines boots under-Xérès-Sherry Jerez. Currently, Caballero is one of the largest family of Spain in the beverage industry with international presence and leader of other wineries in Jerez, Rioja, Rueda and Bordeaux.
It is worth visiting especially its more than 20,000 meters of gardens listed, most notably the Millennium Drago.



Founded in 1865, is one of the most important wineries of the city. Since the nineties of last century is part of Grupo Domecq. The Fino's  wine breeding Domecq has in these cellars cool the Fino Carta Blanca screeds that the house has at Jerez. This continues an ancient tradition of the major wineries in the nearby town, who have maintained warehouses in El Puerto de Santa María since its climate favors the development of good fine.





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